Note Boxes 2017

Making of

The board and management of the Gesellschaft für Christlich-Jüdische Zusammenarbeit quickly decided to obtain a choice of texts from as large a fraction of the membership as possible. There followed then a sort of „competition“ for the members who would enter their suggestions. All the members knew, of course, that this year was the 700 year jubilee of the Jewish parish in Marburg. In consideration of the results of the recent national election, in which the „success“ of one party which repeatedly utilizes right-wing, nationalistic material for its purposes, the contents of the texts were appropriately influenced. The majority of the members saw it as their duty to warn us of a potential repeating of past injustices.

Considerably more texts were sent in than the required ten, and so the board had to make a choice. In cooperation with the Fachdienst Kultur a final selection of texts, which could then be read in the Zettelkästen (Notice Boxes) in the Garden of Remembrance after 9 November 2017, was made.