Note boxes 2018

Making of

When we, as the Advisory committee for foreigners (Ausländerbeirat) were asked to partake in this project, we were immediately enthusiastic. This was because, we see the protection of minorities as very important and hope that a lesson from the past can be drawn. We started our work and quickly recognized that the dark side of German history is now also ours and therefore an incentive to assist.

The committee has fifteen members from thirteen different countries. Some of us have ourselves experienced discrimination and exclusion because of our country of origin, skin colour or confession. It is therefore important that this committee of the University town takes part because we can, at least, partly understand the pain and grief which the Jewish population suffered.

We take this opportunity to emphasize our respect and deep sadness for the suffering, persecution and destruction of the Jews under the National Socialist  rule. We stand for tolerance, openess, diversity and equal rights. We are against racism, exclusion or intolerance … these being words, which unfortunately not only in Germany but in the rest of the world too are more current than ever.

Our partaking in this project is principally a demonstration of solidarity with the Jewish community in Marburg, but at the same time a sign that we are obliged to think about about co-existance in Germany. Regrettably, this place causes us to worry. We ask ourselves, whether such horrors could ever be repeated. This place also reminds us how fragile co-existance can be and how we must always accomodate to changes in order that we, as a society, could live together in peace and partnership.